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Billing by Industry



How many billing systems does the average Telco have?

How many would you like to have?

How about one!


Launch new services and price plans quickly and easily


Be More Competitive


One system to Handle all of your billing requirements: residential, enterprise, mobile, tv, internet, pre-paid, post-paid, etc.


Be Flexible


Use the behavioral billing capabilities of Dynamics Billing to promote your customer's consumption of additional services based on their utilization of existing ones


Unique Opportunity


Build & Bill. Easily


With Dynamics Billing, you can easily build your pricing rules to accommodate even the most complex pricing requirement.


Mobile Billing Examples


Simple Plan


Complex Plan



for 500 minutes

+ unlimited text messaging + 250MB Data



for first 500 minutes (local)

+ unlimited texting  +250MB Data





for each additional minute after 500








Free Calling

On evenings (7pm-5am) and weekends








Usage Cap

set at $75




VIP Status

Rates and Data change based on client loyalty status




Keep in mind that these are just two of literally thousands of possibilities! Whatever your charging requirements are, Dynamics Billing can handle them. 



B2B Capabilities for your traditional and evolving requirements


Dynamics Billing can be quickly deployed to bring immediate benefit to your organization


Be Effective


High volume performance capabilities with Dynamics Billing ensures speed of rating and invoicing


Be Operationally Sound

Reduce your operating costs with Dynamics Billing


Be More Competitive


Personal Banking




"Banking Plus Plan"

Add up to three


30 transactions per month

$1.25 for each additional transaction


Unlimited Interac e-transfers

+ $4 Overdraft protection

Free e-statements /
+$2 per paper statement



Flexible billing is required to monetize growth in connected devices


Unique Opportunity


Complexity, the biggest challenge of IoT, is your greatest opportunity with Dynamics Billing: no pricing model is too complex

Should your IoT strategy change, know your billing system can change with you

Be Flexible

Be First


IoT is in its infancy. Monetize your IoT Strategy with Dynamics Billing


Split Billing





$0.60/SIM card

Mobile Virtual Network Enabler charges an MVNO




$1.50/SIM card

Mobile Virtual Network Operator charges consumers





Aggregated Charge

Split charge





Transportation and Logistics

Continuously changing customer needs defines the reality in Logistics. Dynamics Billing is the only billing system that can keep up

Unique Opportunity


Be Creative

Be More Competitive

Build & Bill, Easily

Reduce your costs while bringing new offerings to market faster

Win more customers by quoting a proper mix of services and pricing strategy to meet their unique needs


The more complex your pricing variables are, with Dynamics Billing, the more creative you can be


Easily build your product catalog and pricing rules to accomodate even the most complex pricing requirement


Armored Transport



Monthly Charge

Consisting of usage variables...


of pickups


of transported goods


required on call







Water, Hydro, Gas: any or all, Dynamics Billing can handle whichever utility you need to bill for


High volume performance capabilities with Dynamics Billing ensures speed of rating and invoicing


Be Operationally Sound

Be Effective


Dynamics Billing can be deployed quickly to bring immediate benefit to your organization


Time-of-day Hydro Billing



Winter (Nov 1 - April 30)

Off-Peak (Mon-Fri) 7pm - 7am
all day Weekends and Holidays

Mid-Peak (Mon-Fri) 11am - 5pm

On-Peak (Mon-Fri) 7am - 11am + 5pm - 7pm




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