Have you reached the limit of subscription billing?

The Connected Vehicle industry and the EV Charging industry require new revenue models and a billing capability to enable the transformation that each of these industries promise.

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The most innovative billing solution on the market.

Dynamics Billing enables one or all revenue models in one software platform.

Grow revenue by quickly and easily rolling out innovative revenue models: subscription, usage, metered consumption, event, time-based, flat-rate, and so much more.

Metered billing and events-based billing

The Dynamics Billing platform is ready to support the quickly maturing needs of emerging energy and connected vehicle industries.

Dynamics Billing enables one or all revenue models in one software platform.

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Connected Vehicles

Connected Vehicles require connected billing capability.

Dynamics Billing enables connected vehicle organizations to provide event based billing from IoT devices and split charging across different services or service providers. 


Connect with customers. Issue interactive content with invoices. Engage, connect, delight.


Interactive Invoicing

EV Charging

Charge quickly, invoice in real-time


EV Charging business models are evolving and involve many stakeholders. Fleet companies, public utilities, corporate facilities, parking lot owners could be stakeholders in the EV Charging business model. Dynamics Billing enables EV Charging companies to capture IoT events for customer identification, provide real-time invoicing to consumers and split charges across different stakeholders in the business model.

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Battery Storage

Battery storage for multi-site commercial and industrial companies.

Dynamics Billing enables battery storage providers to support changing business models, such as Battery-Storage-as-a-Service across all the facilities of customers.


Renewable Energy

Billable consumption and net metered supply.


Dynamics Billing enables Renewable energy operators to bill metered consumption of electricity directly to commercial or industrial customers, by-passing the grid operator. Evolving business scenarios allow Renewables operators to offset customers consumption with supply billed into grid operators on their behalf.

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