EV Charging

EV Charging for Residential and Commercial Multi-tenant Buildings

Electric Vehicle usage is skyrocketing. Condo boards, property managers, residents and commercial tenants want to have EV charging stations available at their residence for themselves and their guests and at their place of work for their customers.


Multi-unit commercial and residential buildings face unique challenges to implement EV charging. EV utilization is still growing, so until there is a need for EV charging at each parking spot, EV charging stations will be shared for residents / tenants of the building.

Omniware Approach

Dynamics Billing can work with third-party EV Charging hardware. Our electric installation partners can install and monitor EV Charging stations at the facility. Moreover, Dynamics Billing can identify the EV as a resident or guest and enable point-of-use billing and payment collection or combine EV Charges with a resident’s utility consumption on a convergent invoice.

electric vehicle of the future using sma


Dynamics Billing enables property managers to offer and bill for EV Charging to their tenants, residents and guests.

  • Assessment, installation and maintenance of EV Charging electrical infrastructure and stations by partners

  • Convergent billing of EV charging with utility bills

  • Point of Use EV Charging for guests

  • Earn LEED points and other green building certifications; comply with any local EV regulation