billing and invoicing made easy

Dynamics Billing is a robust billing and invoicing solution for any industry

Basic Subscription

Create and manage your recurring subscription charges on any daily, weekly, monthly, or annual interval




An internet provider Charges $40 per month

An Online grocer charges members $60/week

A consulting firm charges clients $3,000 per quarter

Using fixed dollar amounts, charge your clients based on the quantity of products or services they require. You can set this to recur at any interval. 

Per-Unit Recurring




A SaaS firm charges customers $50/seat per month

A phone manufacturer charges a business $500 per phone purchased 

A web hosting company charges $200/month per server

Usage Based Billing

Charge for consumption utilizing any unit of measure. 

$40/mo + $0.08/min


1.5% of Revenue

A cloud billing vendor charges clients 1.5% of monthly revenue

A hydro company charges their residential customers $0.132/kWh for usage

A phone service provider charges clients $40/month for 1,000 minutes of call time plus $0.08/min for every additional minute

Combining Charges

Combine any number of different pricing types to construct unique pricing configurations

$8/mo + $10/hr
(Max $80/day)

A car sharing company charges customers $8/month plus $10/hour of usage with a maximum charge set to $80/day

Behavioral Billing

Dynamics Billing provides for Behavioral Billing which allows you to adjust how the pricing of one product is influenced by the consumption of another.

As an example...

Bundling Beyond!

A marketing firm offers clients a quarterly services package containing consulting, social media management, and website design

Marketing Services Bundle

A SaaS company offers the ability to select and bundle any 3 out of 8 components from a Software Suite

Bundle any 3

Drive sales by creatively bundling your different product offerings


A customer purchases a bundle of services from a telco…

...they receive a 10% discount on all international calls made during that month. Pretty neat, eh? Note that behavioral billing is applicable to many billing scenarios, not just bundling.

Pricing can be set that, if the customer watches 5 foreign films using their movie streaming service...


Phone Service

Media Streaming

Witness the power of Dynamics Billing by combining Charge Options and Charge Sub-Options in a simple way to handle any type of pricing scenario for any industry.







(Unit Based)



(Rev. Based)




Transactional Discount

Charge Options

Charge Sub-Options






Basic Charge


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