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Have your customers at “Hello!”

As a payment deadline approaches, you may find that some of your customers need a gentle reminder. After all, there are a lot of things keeping business owners up at night, and your payment deadline is just one of them. 


To ensure your reminders have the greatest impact, Dynamics Billing can help you better communicate payment deadlines with your customers across multiple channels. 

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Reduce Your Accounts Receivable

While most customers do a good job to pay on time, some may have simply forgotten, or had other events come up that took attention away from payment deadlines. A simple notification can solve this problem and keep your books balanced.

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Monitor Your Messages

Communication with your customer doesn’t end once a message has been sent. Monitoring and following up on unopened messages allows your entire team to be up-to-date with your progress in real time. Tracking “Notes” on your customer’s account is one of Dynamic Billing’s capabilities.


Better Communication with your Customers

Dynamics Billing allows you to to use multiple channels in order to communicate payments with customers. Whether by email, phone, SMS, or print, you are able to track all communication attempts suited to your customers’ needs.

Omniware Dynamics Billing is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics, which allows you to enhance your ERP / CRM system with powerful billing capabilities and a familiar interface.

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