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It seems to run on some form of electricity…

EV utilization is growing every month as users want charging stations available for use on every corner. Condo boards, property managers, residents, and commercial tenants want to have EV charging stations available at their residence.


With this greater demand for EV charging stations comes a greater need for easy and convenient installation and billing.

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Offer Convergent Billing

If the EV is a resident’s vehicle, then the billing item can be combined with the resident's utility consumption on a convergent invoice. This all-in-one building billing system provides greater convenience.


Earn Green Certifications

Earn LEED points and other green building certifications when you comply with any local EV regulations.


Enable Point-of-Use Billing

Dynamics Billing has the option to enable point-of-use billing and payment collection, providing greater flexibility and convenience.


Omniware Dynamics Billing is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics, which allows you to enhance your ERP / CRM system with powerful billing capabilities and a familiar interface.

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