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Dynamics Billing Improvements

July 22, 2021

Improvements for all billing types / Industries:

  • Integration to Salesforce CRM

  • Ability to select accounts to sync in Salesforce

Dynamics Billing Version 11.33 Released

June 30, 2021

Omniware announces the release of its latest version of Dynamics Billing. Highlights of this release include:

Improvements for metered consumption / Utilities:

  • Added functionality to automatically detect when faulty meters that are “stuck” start working again. If a meter is reporting the same meter read value, a separate estimation process can now be defined 

  • Included an option within the service to migrate data from an external billing system to prioritize move-in dates over move-out dates when there are conflicts due to resident date overlaps.

  • New file exporters for non-integrated property management sites that export charges.

Improvements for all billing types / Industries:

  • Invoice delivery logic can be based on the final bill indicator of an invoice. For example, you want to save the final bill PDFs to a different location from where the merged invoice PDFs are saved.

  • Allow multiple instances of the same field for filtering within the Variance Control module

  • Posting date on accounting transactions now displays the time in addition to the date.

  • All file export records now show the user that initiated the export.

Omniware profiled as a Canadian Innovator in Spark Business and Innovation Magazine summer Issue

June 21, 2021


“Omniware was born from the desire to create a solution that could automatically adapt to different markets and allow any pricing scenario to be modeled without the need for costly software code changes.”

Check out our profile in the Spark Business and Innovation Magazine Summer issue; which is also an insert in the Wall Street Journal Canada digital edition.


Omniware Welcomes Senior Executive, Hitesh Seth

February 1, 2021


Hitesh Seth, Senior Executive over 25 years with roles spanning: CEO, CIO, SVP of IT services across industry sectors of Utilities, Commercial, Healthcare, Education and Public Sector. Hitesh was formerly the CIO at Hydro One, SVP in the Global Utilities Group and Global Health Care Group at CGI.

Structured deals worth over $1.25B over past 15+ years. Executive lead for digital transformations in Customer Care, Asset Management, Supply Chain, Procurement, Finance, HR, Clinical Care and Diagnostic Imaging.


Hitesh has an undergraduate Honours degree in Computer Science and an MBA from the Schulich School of Business.

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Omniware Welcomes Utility Billing Ace, Tarun Dham

August 15, 2020

Parmi Sahota, Omniware's CEO, comments, "We are seeing a growing number of utility clients and now with Tarun's depth of knowledge and expertise in this industry I'm excited about the additional value we immediately bring to both our existing and new clients."

Tarun brings over 20 years of Utility industry experience that ranges from Billing, Automated Meter Reading and Energy Management. Prior to joining Omniware, he worked with Minol Inc. as their Director of IT and spearheaded the design and development of their in-house Utility Billing Platform. Tarun also spent 5 years as a Sr. tech consultant with Microsoft, helping Utility Billing Service clients with CRM installments. He holds a Degree in Computer Applications.


Tarun notes, "Omniware has developed a next generation billing and invoicing platform with flexibility I have not seen elsewhere. I was attracted to both the open culture of the team and the opportunities that lay ahead in the utility billing market."

Tarun's unique combination of experiences makes him a perfect fit for Omniware, providing flexible billing and customer management solutions within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem.

Dynamics Billing Version 11.30 Released

June 26, 2020

Omniware announces the release of its latest version of Dynamics Billing. Highlights of this release include:

Improvements for metered consumption / Utilities:

  • Integration to property management systems: RealPage OneSite.

  • RUBS billing has been updated to support billing based on ratios for Number of Occupants, Area (Square Footage), Number of Bedrooms, and Number of Bathrooms.

  • Added a setting to choose whether or not vacant accounts are invoiced.

  • New Site Variance Report screen where meter read data can be checked and updated before producing invoices.

Improvements for all billing types / Industries:

  • An improved layout for defining chargeable Items.

  • Better usability of invoice line items grid on Invoice page.

  • improved performance of loading areas when creating or editing a location.

  • Activation Fees and Termination Fees can be triggered when an account, product or plan terminates.

Dynamics Billing Version 11.29 Released

April 7, 2020

Omniware announces the release of its latest version of Dynamics Billing. Highlights of this release include:

Improvements for metered consumption / Utilities:

  • The Resident Move In / Move Out Report

  • Added performance monitoring whenever a meter read estimation function is being called.

Improvements for all billing types / Industries:

  • Improved performance when opening a large bill register report.

  • Optimized creation of PDF invoices to result in smaller size files

  • Introduction of Optimized Pricing Plans to allow many plans to be defined under an umbrella of an optimized plan and automatically picking the plan that results in the lowest invoice charge

  • Account Hierarchy Validation Report. Validates the account hierarchy against the defined account types.