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Dynamics Billing closes gaps where other systems fall short. Here's how.



Too much overtime

Calculation errors, mistakes, no flexibility - they all consume more of your time.


The flexibility offered by Dynamics Billing will reduce those evenings, weekends and extra time spent struggling with a system that doesn't exactly meet your needs.

Billing Errors

They happen, but they shouldn't. Perhaps it is manual entry, the need to perform calculations outside of your existing system. Maybe a simple click of a button resulting in an entire bill run needing to be reversed. Whatever the cause, they hurt

With Dynamics Billing, you'll have fewer errors. And, best of all, should an error occur, backing out a bill run is easy to do 

Fear of change

Changing a billing system was no easy feat... until now


Omniware has a low cost (in some cases no-cost) pilot program to prove to you how easy and beneficial a switch can be.

"What are our current outstanding balances greater than 60 days, 30 days, 7 days?"

"How much did our revenue grow last quarter? last year?"

"What is the revenue impact of a 2% increase in the monthly base charge for all water meters less than 1"?"

Your answer: "I don't know..."

Turn that I don't know into an I do know using powerful reporting and analytics tools available within Dynamics Billing

The "I don't know"


630 Million+  Charges Calculated

7000+ Hours Saved

Try it out!

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