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Don’t use seven words when four will do.

Bombarding your customers with phone calls and filling up their mailbox with paper notices isn’t always the best, or most efficient, way to collect payments on time. A standardized process that you can monitor and track will make your Dunning & Collections process that much easier.

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Ease Your Mind

Dynamics Billing includes a Dunning & Collections module that gives you complete control over how and when you send notifications, with messages sent automatically to customers based on rules you establish.


Tailor Payment Arrangements

With Dynamics Billing, you can offer your customers payment arrangements to help them pay off accumulated charges.


Take a Closer Look at the Customer Journey

All customers are not created equally. For example, you might find that one of your customer segments is easier to reach at 1:00pm through a text message. Data is your most valuable asset, so take advantage of this knowledge.

Omniware Dynamics Billing is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics, which allows you to enhance your ERP / CRM system with powerful billing capabilities and a familiar interface.

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