How many billing systems does the average Telco have?
How many would you like to have?
How about one!


Launch new services and price plans quickly and easily


Be More Competitive


One system to Handle all of your billing requirements: residential, enterprise, mobile, tv, internet, pre-paid, post-paid, etc.


Be Flexible


Use the behavioral billing capabilities of Dynamics Billing to promote your customer's consumption of additional services based on their utilization of existing ones


Unique Opportunity


Build & Bill. Easily


With Dynamics Billing, you can easily build your pricing rules to accommodate even the most complex pricing requirement.

Mobile Billing Examples


Simple Plan


Complex Plan



for 500 minutes

+ unlimited text messaging + 250MB Data



for first 500 minutes (local)

+ unlimited texting  +250MB Data





for each additional minute after 500








Free Calling

On evenings (7pm-5am) and weekends








Usage Cap

set at $75




Keep in mind that these are just two of thousands of possibilities. Whatever your charging requirements are, Dynamics Billing can handle them. 

VIP Status

Rates and Data change based on client loyalty status




"Oh my gosh, I think i'm gonna cry"

A happy cry… Dynamics Billing opened new doors for Itelya – a fast growing internet service provider that wanted to spend less time switching between multiple applications and spend more time growing their business


"On top of tremendous savings in manual billing effort, Dynamics Billing gave us the analytical tools to drill into key areas of our business and help inform some major decisions. We love it!"