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Meter Management

TOU meters has resulted in an improvement for customers since they are billed for what they consume. However, meter maintenance can become troublesome for utilities, such as dead batteries, broken units, no RFID connectivity.


As a utility, you have the responsibility of calculating accurate bills. TOU meters make this easy, but when a meter breaks it can create problems. Beyond managing an estimation process when a meter breaks, there is the added complexity of managing the broken meter itself. When and why did it break, when did it come back online and what are the implications to the reads being collected? Today, much of this is reactive for your staff - you deal with it after it breaks and then again after it is fixed.

Omniware Approach

Dynamics Billing provides a Meter Management solution that tracks and manages meters that are producing read issues. You can track the date estimation started, track the identified issue for the problem, and track when the meter is fixed. All of this information is easily accessible by your staff.

Utility Meters


  • Save time diagnosing and tracking meter failures

  • Provide a proactive benefit to your customers

  • Minimize billing inaccuracies

  • Save time during billing

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