More than just billing

At its core, Dynamics Billing is a robust billing solution capable of handling any billing requirement. It also brings benefits to all business areas.

The Dynamics Billing Process

Dynamics Billing gives you complete control over each step in the billing process.

your product catalog

your pricing rules

Sales builds and generates quotes

operational events captured

fast, event-based rating and charging

invoice generation and collection tracking

customer service


  • Create, store, and modify – with ease – any type of product or service offering.

  • Create Product Hierarchies with no lineage limitations

  • Synchronize with an existing product catalog 

  • Assign attributes in order to  create unique charging factors for each product

Product Catalog



Product Catalog

  • Create, store, and modify – with ease – any type of product or service offering.

  • Create Product Hierarchies with no lineage limitations

  • Synchronize with an existing product catalog 

  • Assign attributes in order to  create unique charging factors for each product


  • Allows for user-managed pricing control

  • Designed to handle any pricing model – subscription, usage based, one-time, and volume discounts

  • Create pricing hierarchies for each product with no lineage limitations

  • Create multi-faceted pricing options for each product including an unlimited number of charge options

Customer Care

  • Capture all customer information in the Dynamics Billing Accounts module

  • Create Account Hierarchies to manage branches and subgroups with no lineage limitations

  • View summary by customer: aging info, attributes, sold products, billing summaries, invoices, payments, collections, & more all in one place

  • View and manage expiry dates 



Dynamics Billing is an Event-based Billing System that enables any type of billing model to be rated and charged for; quickly and easily


  • Calculate charges of any level of complexity

  • Calculate taxes using Dynamics Billing or Integrate with any 3rd party tax service

  • Integrate with transactional systems for event loading, or upload manually from CSV files

  • Create separate bill cycles for different products for certain accounts or across the entire system

  • Supports Multi-currency billing


  • Invoices are auto-generated during billing and are pre-viewable at any stage

  • A fully customizable invoice layout


  • Invoices – as well as the rest of Dynamics Billing – are multicurrency and multilingual

  • Invoices can be open or balance forward

  • Numerous invoice functions available including hold, enhanced delivery process, invoice messages, usage adjustments, and minimum invoice auto-charge 

  • Create workflows to manage automatic email invoice delivery to clients - or any method of your choosing


& Adjustments

  • Import and enter payments and view payment summaries


  • Use the Batch Adjustment interface to enter multiple adjustments at once


  • Create Credit/Debit memos for adjustments

  • 3rd Party payment integration



  • View aging info, and overdue amounts by customer

  • Create different levels of automated collection actions for overdue accounts including invoice messages and workflows

  • Aging information reflected in ledger

  • Setup late payment charges to automatically be applied to future invoices

Accounting & Finance

  • Customize an organization-specific template that captures the data necessary for integration with your GL of choice

  • Handle payment and aging information per customer



  • Create custom reports easily

  • Standard Reports included: bill period revenue, bill run errors, credit limit threshold, invoice taxes, purchase order threshold, unbilled usage, and un-invoiced transactions

  • Schedule the running of reports 


Dynamics Rule Builder

Everyone has unique requirements. To accommodate those, we've designed a Rule Builder which enables you to create pricing models that are influenced by data from any entity within the Dynamics Billing solution.

  • Ease of integration with 3rd party applications – payment processing, GL, taxation, etc.

  • Customer portal Integration 

  • Define permissions at user and group levels

  • Track all changes made to records within system for auditing

  • Hosted in Microsoft Azure





  • All billing information is centralized

  • Create complex pricing models through configuration – no coding required  

  • Common interface for all user types – sales marketing, operations, customer service



Dynamics Billing is Industry Agnostic

We like to use the term "Industry Agnostic" as there is no one industry that our solution was designed for. Rather, we've boiled billing down to its elements and created a solution flexible enough to fit - we're proud to say - any pricing model within any industry.


...that being said, we can't show our approach to every industry. Perhaps you'll find some of this information interesting...




Secure Logistics


Subscription Biling

"Finding a billing platform that is flexible enough to meet our needs yet easily configurable was quite challenging. After reviewing and comparing several options, we found that Omniware was the perfect fit."


Benefits by Role

Unlock the hidden power within your business!

These days, the word “billing” encapsulates much more than it once did. The benefits of a good billing system will reach across your business – giving Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Customer care a tool that can streamline their processes. Your entire business will see an increase in efficiency as these four departments can now work with one system.


Each department is supported in their procedures and decisions. For example, Marketing - when pricing their offerings - can see their entire "pricing toolkit". Understanding your tools - and having them neatly organized before you - gives you the freedom to build and the confidence to build freely!

Dynamics Billing turns Microsoft Dynamics CRM into your personal Sales Strategy Center. Win more business through the easy mangement of:

Empower your Sales Teams

  • Product and Pricing strategy

  • Quotes and History

  • Customer Details

  • Lead & Opportunity progress

Simplify Operations

No more workarounds.  No more spreadsheets. Dynamics Billing will allow you to accomodate an evolving business strategy and the pricing/product changes it drives without headache, budget increase requests or manual effort.

Marketing will love the freedom to creatively define, launch, and manage pricing, promotions, and new products & services that are driven by market demands, not system limitations.

 Gain Marketing Freedom 

Improve Customer Service

All the information you need, customer detail, invoice detail, product and pricing information to answer the most common customer question quickly and easily: "help me understand my bill"