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Dynamics Billing enables monetization of your company's revenue and allows you to optimize pricing and revenue models. 


The software determines billing related consequences of any changes to the customer relationship and / or account, such as renewals, upgrades, activations, and disconnects.

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Solution Features


Product Catalog

  • Create, store, and modify any type of product or service offering with ease

  • Implement product hierarchies with no lineage limitations

  • Synchronize with your existing product catalog 

  • Assign attributes to  create unique charging factors for each product

price tags


  • User-managed pricing control

  • Designed to handle all pricing models – subscription, usage-based, one-time, and volume discounts

  • Create pricing hierarchies for each product with no limitations

  • Present multi-faceted pricing options for each product with an unlimited number of charge options

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Customer Care

  • Capture all customer information in the Dynamics Billing accounts module

  • Create account hierarchies to manage branches and subgroups with no lineage limitations

  • View summaries of customers in one place: aging info, attributes, sold products, billing summaries, invoices, payments, collections, & more 

  • Manage expiry dates on the fly



  • Dynamics Billing is an Event-based Billing System that enables any type of billing model to be rated and charged for quickly and easily

  • Calculate charges for any level of complexity

  • Determine taxes using Dynamics Billing or Integrate with any 3rd party tax service

  • Integrate with transactional systems for event loading; or upload  from CSV files

  • Create separate bill cycles for certain accounts or system-wide

  • Supports multi-currency billing



  • Invoices are auto-generated during billing and are viewable at any stage

  • Fully customizable invoice layout

  • International support - multicurrency and multilingual

  • Invoices can be open or balance forward

  • Numerous invoice functions available including hold, enhanced delivery process, invoice messages, usage adjustments, and minimum invoice auto-charge 

  • Create workflows to manage automatic email invoice delivery to clients 

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Payments & Adjustments

  • Import and enter payments 

  • View detailed payment summaries

  • Use the batch adjustment interface to enter multiple adjustments at once

  • Create credit/debit memos for adjustments

  • Third-party payment integration



  • View aging info, and overdue amounts by customer

  • Create different levels of automated collection actions for overdue accounts including invoice messages and workflows

  • Aging information reflected in ledger

  • Setup late payment charges to automatically be applied to future invoices


Accounting & Finance

  • Customize an organization-specific template that captures the data necessary for integration with the GL of choice

  • Handle payment and aging information per customer

reporting and analytics


  • Create custom reports easily

  • Standard reports included: bill period revenue, bill run errors, credit limit threshold, invoice taxes, purchase order threshold, unbilled usage, and un-invoiced transactions

  • Schedule the frequency of reports 

Dynamics rule builder

Everyone has unique requirements. We've designed a rule builder that enables you to create pricing models that are influenced by data from any entity within the Dynamics Billing solution.

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  • Integrate seamlessly with 3rd party applications – payment processing, GL, taxation, and more

  • Customer portal Integration 

Business woman drawing global structure networking and data exchanges customer connection


  • All billing information is centralized

  • Create complex pricing models through configuration – no coding required  

  • Common interface for all user types – sales marketing, operations, customer service

flow of data


  • Define permissions at user and group levels

  • Track all changes made to records within the system for auditing

  • Hosted in Microsoft Azure

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