Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Dynamics Billing and how can it help my business?

Dynamics Billing is a flexible pricing, rating, billing (invoicing) and payments software capable of handling any billing requirement for any industry. Dynamics Billing is a robust billing solution that will empower your sales teams, simplify your operations, and help you gain marketing freedom.

How does Omniware help with customer service?

With our tools, you can support your team with helping customers understand their bill quickly and easily. Customer details, invoice details, product and pricing information will be easily accessible at click of a button.

Will I need computing equipment to use your software?

Dynamics Billing is a cloud application. All users of the system simply need an internet connection to use the software, whether working from home, the office, or via a mobile device. Only a computer or mobile device is required. However, if you already have specialized equipment, our software integrates with operational systems, meter reading equipment and other specialized devices.

Invoicing and Customer Payment

How do customers receive their bills?

We support printed bills, emailed bills, or both. Moreover, electronic bills can be displayed on a web portal, accessible by your clients and their end-customers (e.g. tenants, property managers, consumers, commercial customers).


How many customers can I have in the system?

Dynamics Billing is designed to handle as few or as many customers as you need to bill. The Dynamics Billing software currently provides billing to over 100 million accounts per month.

How many users can I have in the system?

There is no restriction. Our pricing is based upon the number of users that require access to perform functions in the software.

I send/receive data from many operational systems. Can Dynamics Billing make this easy for me?

Dynamics Billing was built for the messy complexity that exists with many organizations' back-end systems. We have built-in capability to analyse transactions from operational systems and merge, match, assess for errors and trace these transactions for billing purposes.

I have many commercial accounts that have specific invoicing needs. How can Dynamics Billing help me?

Dynamics Billing has a built-in Customer relationship Management (CRM) system, or we can integrate to your existing CRM. This allows us to configure specific rules for how customers would like to receive their invoices. We can even split invoices for the same customer, or route them to different offices. Provide us with your challenges and we can show how our software can handle your specific situation.

How many Products can Dynamics Billing manage?

Dynamics Billing supports a comprehensive range of products and services. There is no limit to the number. Moreover, we provide an easy way for organizations to manage constantly changing products and services. One customer organized their products by country, then state. Another customer organizes by model category and then sub-categories. In addition, product attributes can be used in rating and billing, making it easier to flow through price changes to all products and services.

Utility Functionality

My rates are constantly changing and have become very complicated? How can Dynamics Billing solve this challenge?

Dynamics Billing has the industry’s most comprehensive options to support complex rates. You can create an unlimited number of rates, billing types, and account types. Each rate can be broken down into tiers and have discounts and penalties. Billing types help differentiate between groups of rates, making data reporting easy. Groups of accounts can be separated into Account Types to bill subsets of your customer base.