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Use Cases

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All Industries

Dynamics Billing offers capabilities for better productivity, compliance and innovation. Read here how companies across industries can benefit from these capabilities to lower costs in operations, improve compliance and add value for customers and create competitive differentiation. 

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Business Services

Omniware Dynamics Billing uses an innovative and efficient structure to allow businesses to identify upstream and downstream price plans.

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Financial Services

Accommodating the fluctuation of assets is managed historically as a manual process. Dynamics Billing offers unique features to capture, assess, and bill for usage transactions. 

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Usage Billing

Using data mediation, usage based billing helps businesses increase sales, revenue, and market share. Learn how Dynamics Billing can enable data driven revenue models.

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Organizations have constantly changing portfolios of products and services. Their systems will need to manage large and constantly changing products and service offerings, but while still allowing them to go-to-market quickly, stay agile, and iterate their pricing and bundling. 

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Transportation & Logistics

Carmakers are offering more software features to consumers and fleet owners to support automated and safe driving. Electric Vehicle usage is skyrocketing. Supporting the myriad of models, features, sensors, and country regulations can be daunting for our competitors. Learn how Dynamics Billing can help.

Utility Meters

Third-Party Utilities

Unrecovered revenue, payment processing, meter management are just a few variables property managers and residents face. Learn how Dynamics Billing can help optimize the process and protect all parties.



Utilities are seeking a modern and easy to use system that allows for issuing of accurate bills, quick billing adjustments, convenient payment processing and easy adjustments of meter errors. These are just a few variables utilities face. Learn how Dynamics Billing can help optimize processes and improve revenue reporting.

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