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Dynamics Billing Version 11.33 Released

Jun 30, 2021

Omniware announces the release of its latest version of Dynamics Billing. Highlights of this release include:

Improvements for metered consumption / Utilities:

  • Added functionality to automatically detect when faulty meters that are “stuck” start working again. If a meter is reporting the same meter read value, a separate estimation process can now be defined

  • Included an option within the service to migrate data from an external billing system to prioritize move-in dates over move-out dates when there are conflicts due to resident date overlaps.

  • New file exporters for non-integrated property management sites that export charges.

Improvements for all billing types / Industries:

  • Invoice delivery logic can be based on the final bill indicator of an invoice. For example, you want to save the final bill PDFs to a different location from where the merged invoice PDFs are saved.

  • Allow multiple instances of the same field for filtering within the Variance Control module

  • Posting date on accounting transactions now displays the time in addition to the date.

  • All file export records now show the user that initiated the export.

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