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Dynamics Billing Version 11.34 Released

Aug 25, 2021

Improvements for metered consumption / Utilities:

  • Enhanced capabilities for Time of Use metering events

  • New integration with NextCentury for importing meter reads.

  • Enhanced options for Meter Billing Exceptions: Meters can be designated as stuck which forces an estimation regardless of any read data, or to fail processing triggering manual intervention.

  • When adding a new Utility Bill, the end date on any previous Utility Bill will be automatically set.

Improvements for all billing types / Industries:

  • Customer portal shows a list of historical payments.

  • Configurable options to automatically display on an invoice the details of how complex charges are calculated

  • Options for how charge adjustments are exported to external systems like external financial or CRM Systems

  • Added an option to an Account’s Bill Cycle to manually exclude an Account from being processed on that Bill Cycle or to be processed only up to the Usage Calculated stage.

  • The External Charge Code mappings now have an option to specify under what conditions to ignore incoming charges.

  • Execution Time Rules can now also apply to One-Time Chargeable Items.

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