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Dynamics Billing Version 12.1 Released

Dec 21, 2021

Omniware announces the release of its latest version of Dynamics Billing. Highlights of this release include:

New features for all billing types / industries

  • Ongoing usability improvements: added the ability to back out a file upload so customer service reps do not need to spend time correcting individual accounts..

  • Added ability to aggregate invoices into one PDF document. This feature can be used to facilitate key account approval of the invoices for a customer region or site. Moreover, customers can use this feature to distribute all invoices for a customer region or site.

  • Moreover, there is now an option to enter multiple email addresses on any account where invoices will be sent.

  • When viewing a list of invoices, the more important fields are moved to the leftmost columns of the list, so that they are visible without scrolling.

New features for metered consumption / Utilities

  • Several reports and lists identify the customer name. We have added the customer’s unit number for greater clarity on reports and lists.

  • Report BIL203 now includes move-in and move-out dates and also an option to show RUBS values (Occupants, Square Footage, Bathrooms, Bedrooms).

  • Added an Estimated Consumption per Day field to Account Product and Product which can be accessed by the estimation function.

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