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Dynamics Billing Version 12.7 Released

Mar 27, 2023

Omniware announces the release of its latest version of Dynamics Billing. Highlights of this release include:

New Features for all billing types / industries

  • Prefixes can be configured on numbers like Account Numbers, Invoice Numbers, etc. For example, you can automatically change 123456 to U123456 when creating new records.

  • Added a new daily service to automatically process automated payments on the invoice due date.

  • Invoices and statements now show negative numbers with a minus sign instead of brackets. On customer invoices, the Amount Due field is now bigger and when it is a negative balance, the message "credit balance, do not pay" is displayed.

  • Credit invoices will automatically pay off open invoices based on date, oldest first

  • More support for configuration of GLCodes. They can now also be defined at the Chargeable Item Subtype and Chargeable Item Subtype Group levels.

  • File Exports can be scheduled as one time or on a recurring frequency.

  • Late fee description displays on the invoice.

  • Added taxes and payment fees to the Oracle Multiview accounting export.

Customer Portal

  • Update the User Interface for the Customer Portal for easier navigation and usability

  • The payment process allows one time payments to be made from the PayNow link on the invoice. Payments using saved payment methods requires the user to log into the portal first.

New Features for all metered consumption / utilities

  • Changed the Manual Read Sheet loader to load in both consumption meter reads and demand (peak) reads with a single file upload. The prior process required two file uploads of the same file, one for consumption and one for peak reads.

  • New report FIN202 Reimbursement Statement Breakdown, which shows the breakdown of charges on a site level invoice.

  • New report: BIL206 Meter Count per Site. Shows a count of the number of active meters per Site within the specified date range

  • New report: BIL207 Billed Meter Count per Site. Shows a count of the number of active meters per Site that were billed within the specified date range

  • New report: BIL020 Operational Activity Count. This report counts the number of Activities performed within a given date range for each type of Operation for a given Account.

  • The automated Realpage synchronization process now supports the scenario where residents transfer between units

  • Added the bill period field to the Site Reconciliation invoice

  • Changed the peak read pre-process in the Usage Calculation step of the bill run to select the max peak read when a meter has multiple peak reads loaded in for the bill period.

  • Added Resident Additional Invoice Emails to the VAL210 report.

  • Enhanced the Undo Move In Resident service to allow accounts to be deleted even if they have canceled payments or canceled adjustments.

  • Created a new modern looking utility invoice template with charge breakdowns for multiple services.

  • Changing a site's Account Number will now update the unique internal identifiers for all the meters within that site. This ensures the loading of meter reads will find the correct meter instead of reporting a mismatch error.

  • Included the company field when viewing the list of Sites. This is useful if there are multiple Companies in the system or if there are multiple Sites per Company.

  • Resident Additional Invoice Emails has been included as part of the Update Sites loader

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