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Dynamics Billing Version 12.8 Released

Feb 29, 2024

Omniware announces the release of its latest version of Dynamics Billing. Highlights of this release include:

New features for all billing types / industries

  • Added the ability to cancel posted invoices and reverse the associated accounting transactions so billing can then be re-run.

  • Added the ability to create a Chargeable Item based on other charges (e.g. as a percentage of other charges) .

  • Both start dates and end dates in the system are now inclusive. This provides consistency with most external systems including Salesforce, Quickbooks, Realpage, Yardi, etc.


  • Added the ability to call the Combined PDF from any invoice view instead of only for a bill period. The invoices to be included in the Combined PDF can either be a filtered list, or a selection of invoices on the screen.

  • Added the ability to set Invoice Messages at the Account level or at parent Account levels (e.g. Site, Section, Unit).


  • New report FIN001 that lists the accounts receivable for each resident within a site.

  • New report FIN029 Invoice and Sales Tax Revenue.


  • New process for eCheck payments. Payments will be created in Pending status, and only posted in DBill once they have been settled by the payment processor.

  • Added integration for BMO banking services

  • Payment receipts PDFs are automatically created with each payment made and can be found within the list of Account Documents.

New features for all metered consumption / Utilities


  • Added a new invoice template for site level invoices.

Meter Management

  • Added ability to load parent/child meters (addition or subtraction meters) using the meter loader file.

  • Dynamics Billing can now import meter reads even when meters are shared across multiple sites.


  • New report FIN202 Reimbursement Statement Breakdown, which shows the breakdown of charges on a site level invoice.

  • New report FIN204 to see a summary of pending eCheck payments.

  • New report FIN205 Accruals and Billable Premises.

  • Two new AR Reports "FIN030 Invoice Revenue and AR" and "FIN031 Invoice Revenue and AR Comparison"


  • Several new features when creating final bills:

  1. Ability to process final bills automatically during a Property Management sync move-outs and stop at a certain step

  2. to block payments and disable delivery of final bills

  3. to transfer final resident balances to the site.

  • Added Opening and Closing Read Dates to Bill Period and Invoice screens. Also added the ability to have a move-in resident's opening read on their opening date, and the one day of usage between residents sent to the site account.

  • Added a new Account attribute Risk Type.

  • Added a new Account Attribute for Jurisdiction.

  • Added the ability to specify the desired occupancy percent of the Site. Once that percent is reached for the Site, the system will update the site field "Occupancy Threshold Reached On" with the date when it was reached.

  • New loaders to assist with migration of external billing data into Dynamics Billing.

  • Created a new generic GL file exporter for accounting data.

  • Added Payment Subtype to the GL Code Mapping views.

New Customer Portal

  • There is a new look and feel to the Customer Portal available with release 12.8. The portal has a cleaner look and includes capabilities to view invoices and payment history, make payments, save payment methods and set up automatic payment of invoice amounts.

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