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Accomodating Customer Driven Volumes for Credit Processing

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Credit processing companies provide credit checks and report on consumers to customers who offer large dollar assets for sale. Credit checks could be for home mortgages, loans, automobile purchases, appliances or a range of home infrastructure assets such as heating, cooling, battery storage and solar panels.

The very large volume of transactions being fielded and responded on a daily basis need to be managed quickly and accurately. Credit processing customers require a process and system that does not need a lot of manual intervention. Moreover, customers need aggregated reports and consumption information that can be validated quickly.

Dynamics Billing offers unique features to capture, assess and bill for usage transactions. Dynamics Billing can capture transactions via IoT messages, from network-based devices, from XML file transfers from operational systems. Dynamics Billing will then compare the transaction volume of each asset against the appropriate price plan for that customer per contractual commitments. Invoices are produced that identify services consumed for each of a customer's location and charges aggregated for location, region or according to the customer's required hierarchy.

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