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Beyond Bronze, Silver and Gold

You have disrupted the industry by creating a great, easy to use and easy to acquire product. You offer customers product bundles that allow them to use more of your capabilities - Bronze, Silver and Gold. However, mature customers want to consume your products in their own way. They will pick the solution provider that can provide products and pricing that most closely matches their budget and consumption needs.

Your customer service agents are constantly being asked about different combinations of product offerings. Your billing solution cannot accommodate a large and changing portfolio of product and service bundles. You have seen churn amongst new customers who cannot consume the combination of features that they want.

Dynamics Billing offers unique features to manage a large and constantly changing portfolio of products and services. Moreover, the modern architecture of Dynamics Billing and approach to identifying, merging and matching billing transactions from operational systems enables the billing of micro services. Organizations can offer product features on an a la carte basis, and offer granular a la carte billing before a customer commits to the next tier of product / service.


  • Offer customers the product features that are best suited to their business

  • Upsell customers to higher bundles based on their consumption of features

  • Enable granular revenue models

  • Reduce billing inaccuracies

  • Engage customers during billing to upsell or enroll in new programs

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