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Reflecting Needs of Organizations

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

The digital economy allows organizations to iterate and adapt their products and services quickly. This creates an explosion in the products and services they offer in each market.

Organizations can have a large and constantly changing portfolio of products and services. and can iterate different approaches in each in which they operate. A billing system will need to manage large and constantly changing product and service offerings, but still allow them to go-to-market quickly, stay agile, and iterate their pricing and bundling.

Dynamics Billing enables organizations to quickly set up products and services into natural hierarchies. This allows for new products to adopt characteristics from “parent” products and pass along characteristics to “child” products. Changes across the entire portfolio can be made easily.

Exceptions to products can be set individually. All customers can be managed with a full suite of subscription management features, from entitlement management, cross-sells and upsells, customer and business insights.


  • Quickly and easily create and manage product and services as required by your customers

  • Design, test, and optimize pricing plans based on how your users are using your products

  • Test different charging methods customer, product, and usage-based attributes in the calculation of pricing

  • Bill when and how you want with numerous billing options, knowing that your customers will get the right pricing and easy-to-read invoices

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