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Payment Processing

Collecting payments has the potential to be a valuable service to Utilities companies. Setting up the proper infrastructure to support this service can be time-consuming and costly if not done properly.


There are several components to implementing a successful collections capability with your business - identifying the proper payment gateway, payment processor, and charging the appropriate fees. These all take time and, in some cases, continued analysis. Getting this tweaked just right takes a lot of time and small mistakes can cost you money.

Omniware Approach

Dynamics Billing offers an integrated, complete payment facilitation solution that includes easy on-boarding, a combined gateway and processing solution that makes it easy to set up or switch to. The fees charged via this solution are simple to understand and comparable to, if not less than, other options available.  

Man opening wallet ready to pay


  • Easy onboarding

  • Single point of control for billing and payment processing

  • Increased conversion of customers from Print and Mail to e-billing options when combined with Dynamics Billing’s e-billing capabilities

  • Reduced monthly credit card & ACH fees

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