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Real-Time Consumption Management

With TOU meters, the availability of real-time meter reads presents an opportunity for utilities to identify real-time issues with consumption. Flagging this for customers is an invaluable tool.


Dealing with "bill shock" consumes much of your time as a utility. This can create cash flow issues if customers decide to argue fees and refuse to pay. Your costs can increase in situations where costs associated with consumption, while accurate, are written off or administration fees are waived to provide some flexibility to the customer.

Omniware Approach

Where meter reads are available via meter software integration, Dynamics Billing allows for real-time monitoring to be set up. Variances in reads can trigger notifications to the utility which can then be presented to the customer. This can result in a reduction of over/under consumption to protect your customers and your utility's bottom line.



  • Stop runaway bills before they happen

  • Improve the value of your service to customers

  • Prevent write offs

  • Conserve energy for customers

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