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Eliminate Manual Effort   

Win back time through Automation. Below we discuss the benefits of:

  • Intelligent Invoice Control

  • Intelligent Pricing Control

  • Intelligent Customer Control

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Intelligent Invoice Control   


Many Utility Billing systems don’t offer flexibility around Invoicing. Intelligent Invoice Control Is a component of Dynamics Billing which allows the user to control invoice appearance & layout, content, messages, batching, processing and more through configuration - not customization. 

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Flexible Bill Cycles

Monthly, Quarterly, Annual, Custom

Invoice Messaging

By region, type, customer status, etc.

Invoice Batch Control

Bad Meter Reads? Hold some invoices back


Rolled up statements for multifamily owners

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Be Unique!

Work with us to design invoices that look stunning, reflect your brand, and clearly show all the right info.

1. Charts & Graphs

  • Include Consumption details or other graphical info 

2. Bill Cycles

  • Create invoices for different bill frequencies and separate charges (i.e., one-time set-up fees)

2. Messages

  • Can be different for individuals, groups, delinquencies, etc.

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One-Click Invoicing

Forget about spreadsheets and manual calculations. With Dynamics Billing, you’ll go from meter data to delivered invoices in ONE Click. It doesn’t matter whether you bill for water, gas, electricity, sewage, etc. or even 'utilities' like telecommunications, street lighting, or future fees associated with smart communities. 

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for Utilities and Sub-metering

Legacy or home grown utility billing solutions can't keep up with the pace of change in todays landscape. Rate changes, new billing tiers, completely new utilities, fees, etc. will test the limits of your current solution. With Intelligent Pricing Control, you'll be able to better manage what you need to bill today and the ultimate flexibility to bill for anything else in the future.

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Intelligent Pricing Control   


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Accuracy, Anything

Control by Sector

Rate Changes

  • Any Utility

  • Automated Validation

  • Future Utilities - e.g., smart cities

  • Urban, Rural

  • Industry, Residential

  • Scheduled

  • Automatic

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Need to Change a Rate?

Dynamics Billing was designed for User-Configuration. If a new pricing structure is required, a rate tier needs to be changed, or if you want to experiment with new pricing models in "draft mode", all the tools you need are right at your fingertips

Our pricing interface is so simple, intuitive, and comprehensive that you can create and implement a completely new pricing model within just a few minutes.

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Better Insight = Better Business

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Intelligent Customer Control   


Existing Utility Billing solutions seem to fall into two categories - those with customer management and those without. Those with, tend to cost more while those without, tend to create more work for its users. With Dynamics Billing and Intelligent Customer Control, you'll get complete customer management at a price that will surprise you.

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Portal + eBilling

  • Customer self-management

  • Electronic billing

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  • Customer Notes

  • Automated Follow up

  • Targeted Messaging

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Customer Records

  • Easy updates

  • All data in one location

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  • Ticketing

  • Dunning and Collections

  • Team Access

Handle Delinquencies with Ease!

Configure delinquency workflows to make managing collections easier.

Easily modify triggers to manage customer communication and follow up. Everyone with the proper permission will be able to see the status of communication and next steps from the initial notification right through to disconnect.

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630 Million+  Charges Calculated

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7000+ Hours Saved

Try it out!

Reach out for a Product Demo and


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