Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS)

Transforming Traditional Products to the Digital Economy

The digital economy allows organizations to iterate and adapt their products and services on the fly. This creates an explosion in the products and services they offer in each market. 


Organizations often have large and constantly changing portfolios of products and services. Organizations can iterate different approaches in each market in which they operate with Omniware's solution. Our billing system manages large and constantly changing products and service offerings while still allowing them to go to market quickly.

Omniware Approach

Dynamics Billing enables organizations to quickly set up products and services into natural hierarchies. New products will adopt characteristics from “parent” products and pass along characteristics to “child” products. Changes across entire portfolios can be made with only a few clicks. All customers are managed with a full suite of subscription management features, like entitlement management, cross-sells and upsells, and customer and business insights.

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  • Effortlessly create and manage products and services as required by your customers

  • Design, test, and optimize pricing plans based on how your users are using your products

  • Test different charging methods based on customer, product, and usage attributes in the calculation of pricing

  • Bill when and how you want with numerous billing options with easy-to-read invoices


Beyond Bronze, Silver, and Gold

Good news - you have disrupted the industry by creating a great, easy to use and easy to acquire product. You offer customers product bundles that allow them to use more of your capabilities - Bronze, Silver, and Gold. However, mature customers want to consume your products in unique and tailored ways.  They will pick the solution provider that can provide products and pricing that most closely match their budgets and consumption needs. 


Your customer service agents are constantly being asked about different combinations of product offerings. Your current billing solution cannot accommodate a large and changing portfolio of product and service bundles. You are experiencing churn with many new customers who cannot get the combination of features that they want.

Omniware Approach

Dynamics Billing offers innovative features to manage constantly evolving arrays products and services. The modern architecture of Dynamics Billing delivers a strong approach to identifying, merging, and matching billing transactions from operational systems and enables the billing of micro services. Organizations can offer product features on an a la carte basis before a customer commits to the next tier of products and services.


Then, you can enable a customer-centric revenue model: At the end of the billing cycle charge: 

  • 25 users on a Silver package

  • Consumption of 125 units of  a la carte features,

    • Feature X, 25 times

    • Feature Y, 60 times

    • Feature Z, 40 times

  • List all users, their bundles and their a la carte usage on a consolidated invoice

  • Issue the consolidated invoice to the corporate office


  • Offer customers the product features that are best suited to their business

  • Upsell customers to higher bundles based on their individual consumption of features

  • Enable granular revenue models

  • Minimize billing inaccuracies

  • Engage customers during billing to upsell or enroll in new programs

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Advanced Invoicing for Complex Customers

You have created a desirable product and offer various bundles to customers. Organizations want to monitor the use of your products by all their employees. Additionally, they want their cost centers to review and pay consolidated invoices.


Your existing billing solution cannot accommodate customized invoicing for enterprise organizations. Your billing staff cobble together workarounds to track employees in an organization, download individual invoices, consolidate and issue invoices as customers require them. While it works for you now, you want to offer customer self-service for how customers want to receive their employees’ invoices.

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Omniware Approach

Dynamics Billing offers unique features to manage customer attributes which can then be used for consumption, charging, or invoice distribution. Clients can enable customer-centric invoice distributions on our platform. For example, at the end of this month’s billing cycle:

  • Consolidate all invoices and aggregate amounts owing by your customers’ 10 regional offices

  • Issue separate invoice copies, one for each employee which shows their consumption of a la carte features and their selected bundle (bronze, silver, or gold) for the billing cycle

  • Display a button on each invoice to allow customers to change their bundled package

  • Display a button on the consolidated invoices to allow your customers’ AP department to pay


  • Deliver customers the invoicing and messaging that is best suited to their business structure

  • Eliminate manual workarounds and minimize billing inaccuracies

  • Engage customers during billing to upsell or enroll in new programs

  • Offer customers’ management  control over their consumption of your services